Our Service

International Delegations

Internationalisation offers to most of the small and medium companies a real route for expansion. GRANIT Management Consulting provides SMEs critical and creative knowledge, expertise and strategy for cultural, competitive and regulatory environment based on a sound preliminary market research and a thorough understanding of what to expect. GRANIT also offers to organise international trade and learning delegations throughout European Union, Turkey, Middle-East, Turkic Republics, Caucasia and Southeast Asia.

Our trade mission services include:

  • Partner, sub-contracting and outsourcing search and business-to-business matchmaking including outreach to potential business leads on behalf of mission companies,
  • Individual appointment-setting and personal agenda development for companies represented on the mission,
  • Group meetings with large companies, public officials, association leaders, and other market influencers,
  • Visits to industrial sites, technology parks and other relevant locations,
  • Transportation, accommodation, and travel logistics (as determined by the client/project)
  • Meeting packets and other informational materials
  • Market research overview of a particular industry or location (as determined by the client/project)

Over the years we have facilitated delegations of all aims and types. We have the ability to put together personalised business development agendas for a cluster of companies, consisting of multiple individual meetings per company with potential business prospects in a given market.

Each project is determined by the specifications and preferences of our clients, with our core team and local associates working together to ensure a high-value agenda regardless of the location. We avoid frivolous costs and only seek out meetings with a genuine usefulness for both delegates and hosts. We recognise that trade missions are a significant investment of time and resources, and aim to help our clients maximise this investment by ensuring that mission activities are worthwhile and are supplemented at the end by measurable action and genuine follow-up.