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Cross-border Investments (FDI)

The success of international production networks and the strengthened role of investment as a driver of trade and growth are important economic realities.

Private international capital flows, particularly foreign direct investment (FDI), along with a stable international financial system, are also vital complements to local, regional, national development effort building investment and productive capacity, innovation, global quality and standards, modernisation, competitiveness, technological progress and industrial development, trade capacity, sustainability and prosperity.

GRANIT assists investors willing to explore international business opportunities, available incentives, location selection, marketing and information in their investment decision-making and project management. We provide FDI host country, regional and local knowledge and expertise for connecting policy and strategy, facilitation services in attracting foreign investment and enhancing outward investment.

Our inward investment (FDI) services include:

  • Management of investment promotion projects and programmes,
  • Lead generation, prospect development, and investment matchmaking,
  • Investor targeting, profiling and relationship management,
  • Market research and business intelligence,
  • Matchmaking and appointment setting for industry trade shows, workshops, roadshows and management of other events,

We focus on a clear understanding of the industry image and profile, investment needs, and key competitive advantages of each client location, and then leveraging our knowledge of global industries and supply chains to deliver investment leads that fit with what the client location has to offer. We do this by building on our close relationships with each of our clients. Our value is built on attentive and tailor-made service.